About Us

Nery Construction is a construction company with over ten years of home improvement experience in the greater Atlanta and Greenville areas. We provide many services, and specialize in construction and tree services. We have successfully completed several commercial and residential projects, such as for office buildings, property maintenance firms, investment properties, and home remodels. We always guarantee our work and staff by offering you a one year warranty on all of our services. We look forward to finding out what we can do for your home or commercial property in or around Atlanta, GA. 


At Nery Construction our long term partnership with our clients are based on trust, value, reliance, and their overall satisfaction. We vow to always exceed your expectations, so you know you can trust us to help you with the next project.  Our services are guaranteed to always be timely, quality and of good practices. We strive everyday to be Atlanta's premier construction company.

Insurance & Safety

We certify that our company has never been cited for any safety violation by either Federal or State OSHA in all our history. Copy of the current Certificate of Insurance is available upon request. Insurance Company “ABT Insurance”

About The Owners

Zach Friendensohn graduated from University of North Texas in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Real Estate. He then moved to Atlanta and started with a real estate investment firm and management company.  Here he began managing a 66-unit deal and 6 months later he was promoted to oversee 3 apartment complexes totaling over 500 units. During this time he successfully managed a sale of one of them earning 18% plus profits for the owners. During this time he managed massive interior and exterior renovation projects which improved the property in order to raise market rents. He would find the vendors and submit bids for approval.  Later in 2017 he was appointed to teach the company he was working for then how to run manufactured housing deals and started with 100 units. After showing the company how to run these profitably they bought another 700 units later that year.  His company bought deals from Cleveland, Tennessee to Greenville, South Carolina.  Zach oversaw huge plumbing, electrical and renovation projects over this time and made sure the vendors did a great job. One of these company’s Zach brought in was Nery Construction. Nery was his best vendor.  In 2019 he decided to part ways with that company to seek other ventures.  In doing this he decided to team up with Nery.

Nery Bartolon has been running Nery Construction, LLC since 2008.  It started out as him doing a job for someone and had to create a company to do it and then turned into so much more.  His main focus in his company has always been being dependable and showing his customers he will get the job done correctly and on time. Before the company, Nery worked with licensed contractors who taught him the business and how to do construction correctly to code. Nery Construction now does huge renovation projects in and outside Georgia.  

Our Team


The one stop show for all of your renovation needs.

Basement Refinishing, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling